Photo: Beto Hacker

I didn't set-out to be a photographer.  I studied Journalism and tinkered with some art classes in college.  I later took a train to NYC and fought for a publishing internship at Aperture, and after several months was given a job where I was answering phone calls from masters like Henri Cartier-Bresson; arranging lunches with the likes of Sebastiao Salgado, and working on projects with artists like Sally Mann.  I was also doing fundraising; and managing the exhibitions program.  This became my graduate degree in photography, and I was hooked.

I later worked for a still photo archive, which was eventually acquired by Getty Images.  I was a photo researcher, photo editor, and art director.  I had the good fortune to edit the archives of photographers like Eric Meola and Stephanie Rausser.  I've art directed Stephen Wilkes.  I've also art directed & collaborated and became close friends with some outstanding photographers for several years in Brazil (Andre Andrade, Beto Hacker, Felipe Hellmeister, Rodrigo Ribeiro, Luis Crispino. Google them. They're all incredibly talented.)  This was my PhD.

And in between all of this, I was observing, absorbing, learning, and shooting my own work.  I continue to art direct, on occasion, but now I'm mostly a photographer.  I'm inspired to shoot expressive studio minimalist portraits.  I also enjoy being spontaneous on on-location portrait & lifestyle shoots, responding to the light, architecture, trees, water, and elevating the concept into something special.  This method also works very well for weddings.

So give me a call.  Let's shoot something.

Following are a few who have either commissioned or have licensed Michael's work:

ABC News

Bonobo Winery

Boticário Brazil

Chase Bank

Chateau Grand Traverse



Draplin Design Co.

Flatout Flatbread

FNAC Brazil

Grand Traverse Resort

H-Street Skateboards

Habitat For Humanity

Hagerty Classic Cars

Itaú Bank, Brazil

Jenkins Group

Mawby Vineyards

Men's Health




Northern Express

Porterhouse Productions

Red Ginger


Santander Bank, Chile

Shrub Soda Co.

Siren Hall

Taste The Local Difference

The Franklin

The Little Fleet

Time Magazine

Trattoria Stella

Traverse City Film Festival

Traverse City State Bank

Traverse Magazine

Traverse City Tourism