The wedding photographs are, by far, the most important wedding-related investment the bride & groom (or their family) will make because the pictures will last forever.  Certainly the venue, and the food, and the flowers, and the planning, are also incredibly important because they each help to elevate the occasion into something moving and memorable.  But it's the job of the photographer to be able to capture all those things...and all of the important, and expressive, and fleeting moments, enabling them to live-on for years after the wedding day.

Michael's approach takes into consideration just how important and delicate this decision will be.  He's a perfectionist and a realist, which is to say that he'll go to great pains to ensure that you will be more than satisfied with the results.  He'll want to meet with you and get close to you and be let into your circle so that you can build trust and ease and acceptance because with those things, the guards begin to go down and the real expression and real moments begin to show through.

The base wedding package begins at $3800.  Please contact Michael for more detail on all of the packages, and be sure to inquire about simpler and/or more customizable rates which are based on simpler days with simpler needs.

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